I’m an academic coach and faculty career consultant who lives in Maine.

  • Academic background
    • PhD in philosophy; specialty in ethics
    • (Full) Professor of philosophy
    • Current: Associate provost for academic affairs and faculty development
    • Past: Associate dean for faculty affairs and interdisciplinary programs
    • Past: Department chair
    • View my academic website
  • Coaching background
    • Training to be ICF certified (expected early 2021)
    • 100+ hours experience coaching academic professionals across the career spectrum
  • Ethics consulting background
    • HEC-C certified healthcare ethics consultant
    • 13+ years experience as ethics consultant
      • acute care, behavioral health, psychiatric inpatient, primary care, home care, hospice care, NICU, PICU

Email me at jessmillerphd@gmail.com with questions, or fill out this form.

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