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  • Tips and suggestions for the initial interview for a faculty position in higher ed. I share my perspective on interviewing as a frequent search committee member. Includes how to prepare for an interview, thoughts on partner accommodations, and the limited impact one interview usually has on a job search.
  • In this episode I talk about real self-care versus "Instagram self care", self-soothing, and self-sabotage and offer suggestions for ways to tell the difference and how to practice self-care in your own life.
  • My thinking on big decision making has been informed by the following:Farsighted: How we make the decisions that matter most, by Steven JohnsonThe Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind, and Soul, by Lissa  RankinFearsetting: the Most Valuable Exercise I Do Every Month by Tim FerrissAs always, I would GREATLY appreciate a […]
  • Products mentioned:Cultivate What Matters Power SheetsMakseLife Goal setting PlannerFull Focus PlannerHobonichi Cousin and other sizes at Jet PensInamio planners (cheap version of Hobonichi)Stalogy B6 Notebook (excellent dot grid or graphed notebooks )Archer & Olive (fancy notebooks)TrelloAsanaNotionSakura Pigma Micron pensZebra Mildliners (highlighters)Sharpie S-Gel Stabilo Fineliners (markers)
  • Source and Resources:Emily and Amelia Nagoski, BurnoutRebecca Pope-Ruark, Beating Pandemic Burnout, Inside Higher EdBurnout Prevention and Recovery, HelpGuideFaculty Burnout, Contemporary Issues in Educational Research, Robert L. Minter (PDF)Maslach Burnout Tool for Educators Understanding Job Burnout, Dr. Christine Maslach (video)
  • Six ways academic strivers can wreck their chances for a good winter break.
  • Sources mentioned or used to develop this podcast episode: How Does it Feel to Be Black in Newly 'Woke' America? Strange–and Dizzying," by Chase Quinn, the Guardian, The Art of Saying No , Kerry Ann RockquemoreLeveling Up in Saying 'No', The Research Whisperer  
  • This episode goes over the who, what, where, why and how of external review letters for tenure and promotion.
  • Books and resources mentioned:Paul Silvia, How to Write a LotDani Shapiro, Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative LifeWait But Why, How to Beat Procrastination 
  • "Get out there and shake it!" by Kerry Ann Roquemore
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